Unisex Lancaster Just Jane Socks

The Lancaster had a very tough and durable airframe. It gained a reputation for consistently being able to fly the return journey on only two engines, and even on a single engine for short distances. The standard crew consisted of seven men. The pilot, the flight engineer (there were no controls on the other cockpit seat, so there was no co-pilot), the bomb aimer (who doubled as an operator for the nose turret gun as needed), the navigator, the wireless operator for comms, the 360° mid-upper gun turret operator, and finally the rear gunner. The initial underside turret was quickly dropped, considered pointless for being too slow and hard to operate in order to keep a target within its sights.
UK 7.5-11.5



Product Info

80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Made in Portugal using the most advanced craftsmanship to produce the finest seamless socks.

Product Care

Machine wash inside out (40ºc max). Do not tumble dry.